Sri Lanka, Japan private sector commit to boost ties during President’s visit to Tokyo

On the sidelines of the visit of President Ranil Wickremesinghe to Japan last week and the round table meeting “Sri Lanka’s Economic Revival and Opportunities for Japanese Enterprise” the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce-affiliated Sri Lanka Japan Business Council President Mahen Kariyawsan met his counterpart – Japan Sri Lanka Business Co-Operation Committee (JSLBCC) Chairman Fumihiko Kobayashi and invited them to visit Sri Lanka in the fourth quarter of 2023.

They have agreed to fully support Sri Lanka’s economic revival and to promote trade, investment and tourism.

JSLBCC Secretary General Kazuto Sasaki, Itochu Corp. Chief Representative Mikinaga Hotta, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry representatives Masazumi Nishizawa and Katzuto Sasaki also participated in the meeting.

The Sri Lanka Japan Business Council and the Japan Sri Lanka Economic Cooperation Committee was established in 1979 and has had 19 joint committee meetings in Japan and Sri Lanka. Their main objectives are to promote trade, investment and tourism between Sri Lanka and Japan.


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