Promoting trade, tourism and facilitating investment between Sri Lanka and Japan


1951 The San Francisco Peace Treaty

The conference on September 6, 1951, was greatly impacted by Jayewardene’s support of Japan and his historic statement. The subsequent effect was more pronounced. It not only aided Japan’s efforts to be re-admitted into the international community and escape harsh sanctions, but it also brought Sri Lanka closer to Japan and secured its long-term support. Read More

The Sri Lanka – Japan Business Council was set up in 1979 as the Sri Lanka – Japan Business Co-operation Committee (SLJBCC) by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, following a Memorandum of Understanding with the Japan – Sri Lanka Business Co-operation Committee (JSLBCC) of the Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI).

Since then, 19 joint meetings have been held in Sri Lanka and Japan, the most recent being in Colombo, Sri Lanka in June 2016. The SLJBC is the first bilateral business council of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

The History of the SLJBC

Executive Committee
2023 – 2024

Our Members

Around 100 businesses are together with SLJBC as Ordinary and Associate members

Joining the Council 

Join us and strengthen yourself to scale up your business between Sri Lankan and Japanese markets

News and Events

Expo Osaka 2025

Expo Osaka 2025

Expo 2025 Osaka, held from April 13 to October 13, 2025, explores with the theme of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” It focuses on addressing challenges like climate change and health to enhance global quality of life, centered around…

SLJBC Economic Forum

SLJBC Economic Forum

The Sri Lanka – Japan Business Council of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce conducted a successful Economic Forum at Hilton Colombo Residencies on 05th June 2024. Keynote speaker Mr. Katsuki Kotaro, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission from the Japanese Embassy, highlighted ….

Important contacts

Board of Investment of Sri Lanka

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) is the main agency that approves any Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) or Local Investments. The BOI is governed by the Board of Investment Law No.4 of 1978 (BOI Law) and the various amendments to the same act.

Sri Lanka Export Development Board

Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB Sri Lanka) is the Government Body for Export Promotion

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) is the government authority tasked with planning, development, regulation, and policy implementation of tourism and related industries.

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