Message from His Excellency Rodney M. Perera The Ambassador of Sri Lanka

I am delighted to extend my heartiest congratulations to the Sri Lanka-Japan Business Council for the timely initiative of launching its dedicated website.

Sri Lanka-Japan Business Council remains a significant driving force in elevating our economic and business relations with Japan. I take this opportunity to commend the members of the Council, since inception in 1979, for their tireless efforts to build strong and long-lasting partnerships with Japanese counterparts in their respective areas of interests.

In the current context, when dissemination of up-to-date information is supreme, it is immensely beneficial for business communities in Sri Lanka and Japan to be equipped with a guide on doing business in the two respective countries and also provide information on potential commercial activities through an online platform. I foresee that this website would be a conduit in sharing valuable market and sector-specific information related to trade, investment and tourism amongst prospective businesspersons.

It is my fervent wish that the newly launched website will provide useful material for further strengthening the mutual aspirations and goals of all stakeholders and be a useful tool for entrepreneurs of both countries in their pursuit of productive business collaborations.

I am therefore confident that the SLJBC will continue to make valuable contribution to enhancing business relations between Sri Lanka and Japan in the context of post COVID-19 economic recovery.

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan will continue to remain fully engaged with the SLJBC and its counterpart in Tokyo for greater economic diplomacy between the two countries.

E. Rodney M. Perera
Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Tokyo, Japan

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